10 reasons your business should have a Facebook page

2 minute read

There’s lots of detailed information out in the world wide web about how great Facebook is but we thought it high time to break it down a little. We present to you our top 10 reasons why you should have a Facebook page, and we’ve avoided too much detail!

    1. There are 750 million people on Facebook. That’s a lot of people!
    2. Facebook allows you to upload photos into a simple gallery format. This can be a great way of showcasing your product range.
    3. It’s a direct and public way of speaking to people interested in your business. There’s an element of transparency which can help develop your brand.
    4. It’s an easy way of gaining new email subscribers. If you have a Sign-Up.to account you can add a data capture form to your Facebook page.
    5. Econsultancy reported that for each new fan you gain you’re likely to have 20 additional visits to your website. That’s big potential for new business.
    6. You can create events which you could use to publicise a special offer or new product launch. Events can quickly become viral as Facebook users can share them with their friends. Starbucks run regular events where they’ll give attendees free cups of coffee or invite them a opening of new stores.
    7. There are some great Insights available, allowing you to understand who your fans (and potential customers) are.
    8. There are tabs for almost everything, helping you create a custom page that stands out from the crowd.
    9. Your competitors are most likely already there, gaining customers that could have been yours.
    10. Facebook fans can purchase products directly from your page using the shopping functionality. For example, ASOS are an online store but have also built a shop into their Facebook page.

So go forth and set up your Facebook page! We’ve put together a handy beginner’s guide which we hope you’ll find useful. We’re currently upgrading our Share section so soon you’ll be able to manage your Facebook page directly from your Sign-Up.to account.

If you have any questions about Facebook pages please get in touch with us or leave a comment in the box below.