The elevator pitch

1 minute read

Our friends in the USA call it an ‘elevator pitch’. It’s that two minute (if it’s a tall building) opportunity you get when someone turns to you and asks ‘so what do you do then?’


If you’ve ever tried to condense your company, job, life etc. into just a few sentences, perhaps even just one, you’ll know how hard it can be. There’s so much to say, but so little time.

Last night I was invited to introduce at the Hipsters Hackers and Hustlers networking evening. If you don’t know HHH, it’s a sort of organised support and promotional network for the business entrepreneur and start-up community.

So, up I went onto the stage, lights on, 250 expectant faces looking up, and just one minute on the clock.

‘So what is all about then?’

Here’s my presentation… 17 words!

– Who? –
– What? – Professional email marketing
– Why? – Connect. Engage. Sell!
– How? – Free trial account
– When? – Here, Now!


‘Ding’- floor 27. Doors opening.