The best of the blog in 2013

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2013 was an important year for the email marketing industry – email opens across mobile devices hitting 50% and return on investment increases are just a couple of great things that happened. It’s also been a great year for us here at – we’ve enjoyed launching some industry-leading updates to our platform and gaining some fantastic clients. Take a look at our pick of some of our best blog posts from last year.

January: Responsive web application design
The importance of responsive websites and email templates was huge last year, with email opens on mobile devices hitting the 50% mark. Back in January we wrote about the importance of responsive design, plus we launched our brand new form builder with responsive forms.

February: Boost your open and clickthrough rates with dynamic content
The benefits of dynamic content was further realised in 2013, resulting in a more customised email experience. In February we wrote about how using dynamic content can really help boost your email statistics.

March: 2013 UK email marketing benchmark report out now!
March saw the release of our much talked-about UK email marketing benchmark report, and last year it was a whopper! We collected data from over one billion emails sent through our system and fed back details about opens, clicks, unsubscribes, industry-specific stats and more.

April: Boost response rates – let your readers reschedule your emails
Using our powerful Marketing Automation tools we created a way for subscribers to reschedule emails for one of our managed clients.

May: Creating compelling calls-to-action using value
The majority of email campaigns sent are simply designed to drive traffic to a website, specific product or service details. May saw us get serious about creating compelling calls-to-action for your campaigns. Follow our tips and see your clickthrough rates rise.

June: Introducing our brand new Permission Marketing API
We had been working on our updated Permission Marketing API for a long time and were excited to shout about the launch of it in June! Along with a new, custom-built RESTful API, we launched our development website to help you make the most of our API.

July: Gmail’s Tabbed Inbox – the numbers & why it can be good for your marketing
July saw the introduction of Gmail tabs – the much talked-about update to Google’s popular email platform. While a lot of the feedback online was negative for email statistics we actually found that it could be good for email marketing campaigns.

August: Why marketers should be responsive to national events
We saw some pretty big news stories prove popular across social networking websites in 2013 – the birth of Prince George of Cambridge, for example. In August we wrote about the importance of marketers responding to national events.

September: New SMS Marketing tools now live!
September brought another large update to the platform, this time to the SMS messaging side of things. We were proud to introduce these industry-leading SMS marketing tools, as you can tell from our blog post!

October: Power-up your marketing and automate with 245+ services!
2013 saw the rise of API integration services such as Zapier. In October we were pleased to announce that we had integrated with their system, allowing you to link our marketing tools with over 245 other platforms and services.

November: The Rundown Report [ISSUE 1] – 1st November 2013
November 1st saw the introduction of our weekly look at the world of email, social media and general marketing, otherwise known as the Rundown Report. Make sure you check out our blog every Friday afternoon for your hit of marketing news and interesting articles.

December: Google image caching’s effect on email marketing
Yet again Google had us screaming at our computer screens in December with another update to Gmail. The announcement was featured on pretty much every marketing blog in the world. In this quick video our CEO, Matt McNeill, talks about how the changes affect email marketers like you and me.

We hope you had a great year. We look forward to filling our blog with more articles and updates in 2014.