Superstorm Sandy vs social media

3 minute read

Here at the cosy Woking office, we’ve been all snuggled up enjoying some cookies to fend off the impending winter, and watching the news unfold of Hurricane Sandy. Our thoughts are with all those affected across the pond. It hasn’t escaped our attention how internationally interwoven businesses have become. Natural disasters hundreds of miles away can now have a direct impact on day to day business.

On Tuesday, our Operations team found themselves rattled when Trello, a notice board style organisational tool which we use for a variety of tasks, went offline. It turns out that the back up generators for their data servers had ended up under water in lower Manhattan. Then on Wednesday you may have noticed some temporary issues with our videos in the Knowledge base. This was due to our video hosting service, Blip, experiencing storm related problems.

The power and importance of social media in our working lives can’t be ignored. What was the first thing the team did when we found a problem? Gone are the days of picking up a telephone – instead we were able to get all the information we needed on their Facebook pages (Trello, Blip) and Twitter feeds (@Trello and @Blip).

Both the Trello and Blip teams have shown some world class customer service in the form of regular updates on the situation via Facebook and Twitter. Keeping their customers updated will doubtless mean fewer complaints or customers searching for alternatives. The comments on updates from followers were so supportive for the most part and created a massive sense of community between individuals who all felt lost without the products (I’ve even used Trello to organise my Christmas shopping this year). The candid honesty, heartfelt apologies and continuous updates from the teams strengthened their relationship with their customers and is something every business should aspire to.

As Trello and Blip have seen, their hard work on social media has paid off with a flood of warm sentiment from their supporters which may go some way in taking from the chill of the floods caused by Hurricane Sandy.

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