for the Public Sector – G-Cloud makes it easy

3 minute read

You’ve probably noticed that the Cloud is everywhere – Public, Private, Hybrid – from High Performance Computing and BigData applications to everyday backup and retrieval of your personal iTunes library. However you encounter it, there is little doubt that Cloud technology has brought about a step change in how we buy, interact with and consume IT. Cloud is also a trend which has been embraced and is actively encouraged by UK Government, especially within it’s own Public Sector community.

Although figures have reduced significantly since 2008 a huge 5.7 million people still work in the Public Sector – that’s approximately 19% of all UK employees, with the biggest groups being the NHS, education, and public administration.

So here’s the issue. Buying Information Technology, and indeed all products and services within the Public Sector, is subject to strict tendering procedures. The aim is to create a level competitive environment and of course to protect the value interests of you and me, the taxpayer. However, the process can be slow and administration heavy for both supplier and buyer.

Enter G-Cloud. Introduced as a cross government initiative in 2012, G-Cloud and its underlying ‘Cloud-first’ philosophy actively promotes the adoption and eases the procurement of a range of cloud-based information technologies within the Public Sector (just to be accurate, it’s still referred to as G-Cloud although it has now moved into a wider Government Digital Service (GDS) umbrella).

Those responsible for specification and procurement in the Public Sector can use G-Cloud’s online CloudStore to browse a range of pre-accredited technology providers (we are one of approximately 800 suppliers and 7,000 services currently listed). When a match is found, the associated framework agreements in place for G-Cloud members remove much of the complexity and administration of procurement under traditional competitive tender requirements.

The result? The adoption of Cloud technology is actively encouraged, buyers are able to deal directly with suitable suppliers and the whole procurement process is greatly simplified. Everyone is happy, and over £63,000,000 of G-Cloud sourced purchases have already been made.

There’s more good news too. According to our latest benchmark report, email marketing in the Public Sector has the highest success metrics of all of the categorised sectors, with clicks-to-opens of over 31% and unsubscribes less than 1%. Email marketing in the Public Sector clearly works.

You can find in the CloudStore – we are in the SaaS and CRM (that’s Software as a Service and Customer Relationship Management categories, service ID: 4.G4.1204.001). It’s the same great software and services which are used elsewhere, but if you are buying email and SMS marketing in the Public Sector, G-Cloud has made us a whole lot easier to work with.