Join in on one of our brand new webinars!

2 minute read

We’re excited to introduce to you our brand new webinar series! With support being at the heart of what we do, introducing webinars is our way of giving you help on some of our often underutilised features.

We’re going to be running regular 30-minute webinars on some key areas of your account, from Marketing Automation to our new Audience tools. Our webinars will be useful for anyone looking to improve their digital marketing strategy using the platform.

We want to make things easy for you to digest and understand, so each webinar we run will be structured as follows:

  • An introduction – learn about the feature the webinar is about, such as Marketing Automation, as well as where and when it can be used
  • Benefits of using it – see why you should be using this feature or marketing technique, as well as the return on investment you can make by including the features in your marketing strategy
  • How to – where we show you more details on how you can successfully implement this feature into your marketing strategy
  • Q&A – have any questions? No problem, bring up anything you’re unsure about at the end and get help, right there and then


Want to join in?

Our next webinar is on Thursday April 24th and it’s all about precision marketing, focusing on our new Audience tools. You can sign up now, but be quick as there are limited places. We hope to see you soon!