Ask the experts at the Digital Marketing Mid-term Conference

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Thank you to everyone who came to talk to us yesterday at the Digital Marketing Mid-term Conference and especially to those who attended the panel discussion on email marketing – ‘From Guerrilla Tactics to Advanced Warfare.’ As part of the thought-leadership debate Founder and Brand Director Matt McNeill took questions ranging from the impact of mobile devices on email consumption, how to time campaign delivery for best effect through to the implications of using third-party data.

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Here are just a few of the take home points:

– With over 50% of emails being opened on a mobile device, email and mobile are now essentially converged. For maximum engagement mobile responsiveness should now be the default starting position for all email campaigns.

– Personalisation has moved on from simple mail merge type of content. Collecting both explicit and implicit (behavioural) profiling information is the now the key to delivering highly targeted campaigns that are welcome, relevant and engaging.

– And on using bought data – simply don’t do it! Permission is one of the key legal and performance issues of email marketing. The bottom line is if you want to build audience trust and meaningful levels of engagement there’s no short cut to organically growing a high quality opt-in subscriber database.


Drop us a line if you’d like to hear more on these and other burning issues. Meanwhile, hungry for more? Here are a few free resources…

2015 Email Benchmark Reportits a free download
Email Marketing Essentials eBookit’s a free download
Email Marketing Discovery Morningit’s free to attend (the next Discovery MOrning is in London on Tuesday 18th June)