Go beyond the desktop – mobile marketing

3 minute read

Did you know that as well as everything you need to run your email marketing your Sign-Up.to account also includes a complete set of mobile marketing tools? Yep – everything you need to send and receive SMS campaigns is at your fingertips.

And there’s more good news – we’ve got an extra special deal on buying SMS credits (to send SMS messages) for all messages bought before 30th May – this is such a great deal it’s only available by calling us on 0845 644 4184…

What kind of things can you use SMS marketing for? Here are a few ideas:

  • Event reminders – send your confirmed guests a reminder of the venue, time and address
  • Time-sensitive information – let your most valued customers know about a last minute deal
  • Direct response from adverts – provide a text-in from adverts to let people request more information
  • Special offers – text your customers an offer they can redeem in-store by showing the message on their phone
  • Live feedback – get your audience to text in comments and feedback from your live event

As you know, we’re all about *permission* marketing here at Sign-Up.to and we hate spam more than Gavin (our sales manager) hates Marmite – trust us, that’s a lot.

What goes for email applies even more so for SMS – it’s a very personal medium so it needs to be used thoughtfully – get things right though and it’s incredibly powerful.

One of the best ways to get people to opt-in for your SMS services is to have them text-in their request. This confirms their interest and makes it impossible for you to get their number wrong. It also means you can let people sign up wherever they are – they don’t need to be near a computer.

Every Sign-Up.to account comes with an SMS keyword on our UK shortcode – the easy to remember 61211. Users just pay their normal text rate to send a message to this number.

A keyword is just a word which each text message sent to our shortcode must start with in order for us to direct it to your account. For example, messages beginning with ‘TRY’ come to our account. You can set up your keyword from the home page of your account.

Once your keyword is set up you can configure your text-in services from the ‘Capture’ section – to find out how watch our tutorial: https://www.signupto.com/html/total_support/tutorials/newflash/textin.htm