Email Marketing Top Tips

4 minute read

Blink and you’ll miss it!

I am not sure of the correct time but as you all know, you have only a second or two to catch your subscriber’s attention to get them to open the email. Therefore the subject is a key ingredient to email marketing success!

I can’t tell you what to write and what the most successful subject lines are however I can tell you that ANYTHING IN CAPITALS will get a bad result. Also some incentives in the subject line such as “free”, “money off”, and “discount” usually get spam filters excited.

If you are unsure, it is best to test this using our split test feature. You can use up to 5 different subject lines and see what gets a better result, and the winning campaign will get sent to the remaining subscribers!

See our guide on Split Testing.

Put yourself in your subscribers shoes

You may have heard this before but look at your newsletter from your subscriber’s point of view before sending it out. Would you open the email? Would you click the link? This way you can make it more user friendly and give the subscriber the incentives you promised them when they subscribed to your list.

Send multi-part emails

This clever feature enables you to send both a html and a plain text email to your subscribers and lets their email client decide which is best to view. So if they were on a PC using Microsoft Outlook it would opt to view the HTML version, whereas a typical mobile phone email client may render only text based content.

Keep it consistent

Do you keep your email campaigns consistent? Not only the content, but the time and day/date you send it. This will keep your subscribers on the edge of their seats, ready and waiting for your newsletter to hit their inboxes!

Do you keep the content consistent too? No one will want to hear about house insurance deals if they signed up to your newsletter to get updates on when your band are touring and when you are due to release your next single. So once again, put yourselves in your subscriber’s shoes.

Stuck in the middle (of the week) with you

Studies show Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays get the best open rates on emails. I’m guessing that on Monday people are either recovering from a heavy weekend or spending time working on clearing their email inboxes! On Fridays people are looking forward to and planning their weekend. So unless your industry dictates otherwise, my advice is to send out midweek if you can.

Test, test and test again

There is nothing worse than hitting “send” and then realising you have made a spelling mistake or placed an incorrect URL link in your email newsletter. I recommend testing your final draft to a list of employees or friends so they can proof read this for you and give any feedback on your newsletter!