Building your contact lists using text-to-subscribe (free!)

3 minute read

Running a permission marketing program always starts from the same place – getting people to raise their hands and ask to hear more from you.

With the media saturated with news of smartphones and social media it’s easy to overlook some of the simpler methods which can be used to engage with your audience.

Offering a text-to-subscribe service is a quick and low-cost way to allow people opt-in to receive SMS and email alerts from you.

Text-to-subscribe enables people to opt-in wherever they are, using a technology everyone is familiar with (SMS) and gives the marketeer a number of tricks that they can use to engage people in more depth and measure return on investment (ROI).

According to Ofcom 89% of the UK population have or use a mobile phone and in 2009 the average number of SMS messages sent was a staggering 1700 per person – that’s nearly 5 per day. All of these phones have SMS capability, whilst under 30% of them are smartphones – so SMS has fantastic reach.

A text-to-subscribe service is a simple mechanism for people to use – they simply text in a keyword, optionally followed by additional information like their email address to a shortcode.

For example, if you text TRY followed by your email address to 61211 we’ll send you back an SMS and an email response automatically.

By using additional keywords on different adverts you can measure your response rates and return from different placements and messages, giving you real feedback on the success of your campaigns.

As we’ve shown in the example, you can also automatically send back SMS and email responses, allowing you to send customers further information or even vouchers immediately. According to a survey by mBlox 71% of UK consumers would like to receive vouchers to their phones so it’s a great way to incentivise response and reward people who take the time to show an interest in you.

Even better – it’s now free to set up!

With setting up a text-to-subscribe service is quick and free – every account (even free ones) gets a keyword on our UK SMS shortcode and we’ll even give you 25 SMS free credits to test things out. Receiving SMS messages from your customers is free as well.

You can set up your first text-in service in just a few minutes. Check out our tutorial to find out more or contact our support team for a walkthrough. We’ve got more mobile marketing tutorials available here.