10 Years of Permission Marketing

1 minute read

One of my colleagues just pointed out to me that this month marks the 10th anniversary of the publishing of Seth Godin’s book ‘Permission Marketing’. Picking up a copy of that book in Gatwick Airport whilst waiting for a delayed flight back in 2001 helped shape Sign-Up.to into what it is today – Seth managed to sum up in a very compelling way the principles that form the core of our business – both what we enable our clients to do and our own marketing philosophy.

If you’re going to read one marketing book, Permission Marketing should be it. The concepts it discusses are priceless, and timeless, even if it pre-dates many of the online marketing channels available today. Seth Godin’s blog should also be on your bookmarks list.

Back in February we took some members of the Sign-Up.to team to a rare seminar that Seth gave in London (the ticketing for the event was actually handled by eTickets.to), where Seth showed he’s still full of fresh and inspiring ideas and we were lucky enough to meet him in person. To see what he had to say about email marketing and social media, check out this video clip we took.

Matt Mcneill & Seth Godin