Your online marketing Home page is here

2 minute read

This Tuesday 2nd October we launched our latest major update to the system. Along with the standard raft of usability and performance improvements, we’re especially pleased to unveil your all-new online marketing Home page as a replacement to the Dashboard.

Any account notices and credit balances will always be clearly shown on the left. On the right you’ll be able to switch between the three online marketing channels, and the system will help you through the permission marketing cycle, making sure you get the very most from your marketing efforts.

We’ve separated out email, SMS and social marketing information into separate views. Just flick through the tabs to get going.

Email marketing overview

Collect and manage your subscribers. Create great email marketing campaigns that always look good. Send your campaign to the right people, at the right place, at the right time. Analyse your results. Let your Home page be your guide! Get the best possible return on your investment.

SMS marketing overview

This time your Home page will lead you through your SMS marketing. Set up an account keyword and use our shortcode to Collect your subscribers’ mobile numbers. Our SMS editor will help you Create a snappy message. Our powerful Send tools help you target your campaign to the right people, at the right place, at the right time. Finally, Analyse your results. Start a mobile conversation and really get SMS marketing working for you.

Social media marketing overview

Collect your Facebook fans and Twitter followers. Create and Share your message on those networks. Use our powerful Business Class Social Marketing tools to Analyse your results. Get to know your social fans and grow your relationship with them.

Talking of social media, keep your eyes on our Twitter feed from 7pm BST on 2nd October for the latest updates on our launch progress.