What Is Goal Tracking?

3 minute read

While we actually released this feature a couple of weeks ago, we’ve added some spit and polish to it along with the new Marketing Dashboard update, so it’s well worth shouting about now. This is a great feature for any of you sending email campaigns that link to your e-commerce site, or anyone wanting to accurately track an email recipient’s path through your own site.

Goal tracking comes in two flavours. The first and most commonly used is the e-commerce tracker. If, like many of our clients, your email newsletters boast your latests offers and link through to specific sections of your merchandise site, you can now track a purchase back to an email campaign. This allows you to see which campaigns have been most effective in your e-marketing strategy.

The results are shown in the Sign-Up.to ‘Track’ section along with other links. Here’s a rather contrived example:

Clicking the 8 reveals the eight people who bought something from your site, and their details:

Now the ‘reference’ field can be anything of your choosing. In this instance it’s designed to reflect a shopping basket ID so you can tie email recipient to a transaction, but it can be plain English such as ‘Dinner Dance Ticket’ if that’s the sort of thing you need.

Now getting this going is actually remarkably easy. All you need to is stick a HTML code snippet in the page upon which you wish to log the action (usually the ‘purchase complete’ page). This is explained in detail in the official guide.

The other Goal Tracking flavour is the exit link tracker. This is designed for use on micro-sites or sections of your own site where you’ve got complete control. It requires that any links on your destination site that you want monitored have their target changed to point towards our tracking script, so the user is diverted briefly to a Sign-Up.to server (transparently) before reaching your intended destination.

An example for use here is an online catalogue, where you wouldn’t track internal links, but you’d be most interested to know which and how many email recipients left your site to read up on a product manufacturer’s site. Again the results are displayed in the ‘Track’ section:

To access this functionality you’ll need to be subscribed to our Advanced API pack. For more details there’s a guide available here, or contact our friendly support team.