We’re now on Facebook!

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Our Facebook Page!

Given that we manage social networking presence for a variety of clients (more from Brenden on that later), we’ve been guilty of treating our own like the proverbial plumber and his dripping tap. I’m delighted to announce that we’re finally up and running with our very own Facebook page.

If you’re not familiar with Facebook pages, they’re a great way of virally marketing your business or club. Facebook users can become ‘fans’ of your page, and once that’s the case Facebook gives you the tools to contact them – classic permission marketing. Better still, it expands virally as people’s new ‘fan’ status appears on their profile pages, allowing their friends to see your company’s Facebook page, and giving them the opportunity to become a fan. My wife recently set up a Facebook page for her latest venture, and within a couple of days most of her friends had become fans, and a week or so later she had fans she didn’t even know!

It really works. Clearly we hope it’ll work for us to, but equally important is that we’re here to help make it work for you. You can already share your eTickets.to events on Facebook, and we’ll soon have Sign-Up.to Facebook applications to allow you to gather more permission-based information on your fans. We can’t wait!