Track – Campaigns Overview & Detailed SMS Statistics

3 minute read

Powered by a mountain of Easter chocolate the development team are proud to announce a few tweaks to the ‘Track’ section of the application. Firstly, there’s more of an overview of campaign statistics on the main page which allows for some ‘at-a-glance’ campaign conparison.

The ‘Complaints’ column is in itself a new feature. We’re connected directly to many major webmail applications (e.g. Hotmail, AOL mail), and as such we’re notified whenever any user clicks their ‘This is spam/junk’ button on one of your emails. We automatically unsubscribe these users for you, but we’ll now be showing you how many people actually take this course of action rather than merely clicking the unsubscribe link in the campaign footer. The ‘Spam’ figure is still included in the ‘Unsubscribes’ figure.

In the detailed statistics for an email campaign we also show this Spam, or ‘Unsolicited Commercial Email’ (U.C.E.) complaint figure. We’re working hard to ensure this figure is as low as possible for all our clients, but the most likely cause of any such complaints are due to poor message content/subject, or inappropriate use of lists. If your figure appears in red (as per the example below), we suggest re-considering your strategy.

Finally, we’re pleased to be in a position to provide you with a little more information on your SMS campaigns. Unfortunately the nature of the international mobile network standards (or lack thereof!) means that we can never be sure as to exactly what has happened to all of your messages, but we can tell you what we do know. We know if someone has sent ‘STOP’ in reply to one of your campaigns – this is an unsubscribe. We know if the SMS network rejected or failed to deliver your message – this is a bounce. We are also *usually* told when a message is delivered to a user’s handset – this is an open. Sadly we receive no such reports for some messages, but here are the sort of figures you can expect to see:

We hope these next extensions provide more value to our service. As ever, they’re a direct result of feedback from our clients, so please do let the support team know what works for you, and what else we could be doing to make your life easier.