The VAT Rate Change &

1 minute read

If you’re in the UK you’ve probably heard that the VAT rate is being reduced to 15% from Monday, in a move that is supposed to make things cheaper for consumers but that actually isn’t going to do a whole lot (great, a 2.5% discount, let’s buy more!) and will make things a little bit confusing for the thousands of businesses out there who have to account for VAT.

We’ll try to make things as simple as possible for our customers. From 1st December (Monday) all invoices will include VAT calculated at the new rate, so your VAT inclusive total will be reduced accordingly.

If you’re paying us by credit/debit card (as 92% of our customers do) then you don’t need to do a thing, we’ll automatically collect the correct amount on your billing date. If you pay by standing order, you’ll need to contact your bank to amend the payment amount.