The coffee break guides

1 minute read

There’s lots to learn about Permission Marketing. To help you get started quickly we’ve put together these coffee break guides.

All the key information you need, in brief to-the-point guides which you should be able to get through in a coffee break. Yep, we thought long and hard about naming these.

Guide to email marketing

Topics include:

  • Quick ways to build your email mailing lists
  • Planning your email campaign
  • Tips for designing and building your email
  • Vital checks to make before your press send
  • The most important email marketing statistics and what they mean

Read the coffee break guide to email marketing

View the email marketing guide as a PDF

Guide to SMS marketing

Topics include:

  • Choosing between shortcodes and long numbers
  • The anatomy of an SMS message
  • Creating text-in services
  • Building your SMS lists
  • Using concatenated SMS
  • Managing unsubscriptions

Read the coffee break guide to SMS marketing

View the SMS marketing guide as a PDF