SMS – How We Handle Failed Messages

1 minute read

Since introducing more detailed SMS statistics earlier this month we’ve had a few clients ask if they can erase failed mobile numbers. While we understand that there’s no point spending money sending to numbers that aren’t receiving messages, it’s also important to ensure that we don’t strike numbers from lists just because the subscriber has a flat battery, or is abroad or in a meeting. Long message validity periods help to reduce the chances of these things from happening, but ultimately it’d be a shame to remove a subscriber from a list because of an unfortunate glitch.

Instead, we’re intelligently monitoring our deliverability to each mobile number, and if we’re unable to make contact with that number over the course of three campaigns or more, we’ll now be suspending that number, in much the same way that we’ve always suspended email addresses. While a mobile number is suspended the system won’t try to contact them with future SMS campaigns, so it won’t cost our clients any SMS credits.

In order to help our clients manage this new concept, we’ve introduced some basic statistics on the Home page and in the Send section. In the ‘Suspended Subscribers’ sub-section (under Capture), it’s now possible to view, export, remove and unsubscribe any suspended mobile numbers. If you’ve got any questions, or need any assistance with this or any other aspect of, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly support team.