Set your email send speed

1 minute read

Over six months ago now (how time flies!) we released our email speed limiter. As explained there, it’s a really handy feature if you don’t want to overwhelm your website or phone lines.

We’ve been pleasantly surprised by how many of you love to use this feature, and I’m pleased to announce that in response to some constructive criticism it has just had a bit of an upgrade, with two major changes.

We have added some more granularity in the range of ‘messages per hour’ speeds that can be set. A bigger change is that it is now possible to configure the system to automatically calculate the send speed to allow the campaign to be sent over a specified period of hours.


I hope these changes make life a lot easier for anyone trying to spread out their campaign response. Don’t forget that’s why we are here – to make your digital marketing life easy, profitable, and fun. So any questions or suggestions, our support team would love to hear from you!