Send Filter Tool – New Functionality

1 minute read
This week sees the addition of a new feature in the ‘Send’ section. You now have the ability to further filter your target audience with the option to select/deselect specific subscribers just before you send – very useful if you’re operating small lists and you know that your campaign doesn’t necessarily apply to everyone on your list. The selected recipients will be temporarily stored in a new list in the ‘Capture’ section, although you can tick a box to instead preserve the new list for future use.
filter.jpgWhen your list selection in the Send section matches less than 5000 subscribers (we’ve set this limit as it becomes very tricky to manage more subscribers!) a filter link will appear in the ‘Subscribers Matching Your Criteria:’ summary next to your unique subscribers in the ‘Send’ section. Uncheck subscribers that you don’t want to contact this time, name the new list, and you’re ready to really precisely target your campaign!
As ever, our support team are here to help with this or any other feature.