Secret Santa generator – just for fun

1 minute read

As you’ve probably noticed, our mission obsession here at is creating the best possible permission marketing platform for our customers.

That takes up a lot of out time, but we always like to have a few little projects on the side to keep things interesting. Some of these are to let us experiment with new tech and some just because we see a way we can make something better by applying a bit of technology (my personal otaku).

We love it when we can release one of these side projects in the wild, even if it’s just a bit of fun. Like our Secret Santa generator.

Perhaps the ultimate in niche, seasonal projects, it neatly solves one problem – organising your office Secret Santa.

Just fill in the form, enter the participant email addresses and push a button.

Quick-as-a-flash we’ll randomly (and secretly – it is Secret Santa after all) assign each person their gift buddy and send them a nice email with the details.

No need to cut up pieces of paper, write out names, find a hat and try and stop the sales team rigging the draw (yep, we’re looking at you…).

It’s ready to use now – check it out and let us know what you think!