integration upgrade – sync with your CRM for free

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Salesforce marketing integration

CRM systems are a natural fit with our Permission Marketing platform – after all, to make your marketing relevant, valuable and engaging you need to understand each person’s interests and their relationship with your business. So it’s no surprise that CRM’s are one of the most common integrations we see with

Keeping the data in your CRM and in sync has a lot of benefits. As your sales team add new contacts to your CRM system you want to make sure they get added to the right marketing segments within, and by tracking activity on the campaigns each person receives, you can see if they’ve clicked on information about your Sensorama 5000 model, and help your sales team make their future conversations more relevant to the customer.

CRM providers don’t come much bigger than (we use them ourselves) and so we’ve had an integration for quite some time. Thanks to some great suggestions from our users, we’ve given it a major upgrade and it now makes synchronising your contact data and campaign results with more powerful than ever before – and even better, it’s free.

Now you can make sure you’re always marketing to your most up to date contacts from Salesforce, and we’ll automatically send back to Salesforce details on how people have interacted with your emails, so you’ll be able to see details like opens and clicks directly from their Salesforce profile. You’re also able to filter leads in Salesforce based on this data, so it’s really easy to see, for example, which Salesforce contacts clicked on links in your monthly newsletter.

Once you’ve connected your account to (go to ‘Integrations’ under the Account menu) you’ll find a new option in Collect to import and filter contact data from Salesforce into a list. When you send a campaign to this list we’ll automatically update Salesforce with details of the campaign and clicks, opens, bounces and unsubscribes for each contact.