Personalising Links – New Functionality

2 minute read

Since ‘Mail Merge’ in the Eighties, it’s been common practise to personalise a communication to capture attention and generally convey a less formal message. While in modern times this is of course still a useful tool, Sign-Up has also always offered the functionality to not only insert a recipient’s name, but also to embed more specific data (such as a recipient’s membership number or gift voucher ID) into an email to create a more powerful campaign.

We of course have also always provided the ability to track any link clicks within your campaign, but amalgamating the two is something we’d not offered due to lack of demand and time constraints. Inevitably, as our customers and clients have embraced the benefits of well engineered permission marketing, demand has started to grow.

I’m pleased to announce that this concept has made its way through the busy development schedule and has now been released: now supports embedding personal information into our tracked and standard links.

The technical reference for personalising campaigns, including personalising links, can be found here. This change also applies to our API customers who may find this functionality of particular interest.

We’ve done our best to make the syntax for this system as simple to use as possible, but we realise it can still be a bit tricky to grasp the first time, so if you’re having difficultly don’t hesitate to contact our total support team with your account details.