Now that’s the way to do it.

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I know! I talk a lot about the benefits of data integration, marketing automation and precision targeting, so when there’s a great example of how to bring it all together then it’s great to be able to share it with you. We’ve been working with award winning travel operator Olympic Holidays for a while helping them implement a sophisticated email environment which embraces all of these technologies.



I’ll leave you to read the full Olympic Holidays case study but here are the highlights.

To achieve their vision Olympic Holidays had three main areas of focus.

Firstly, a tight integration between their email system, their central CRM and a range of other reservation and review systems. Automatic synchronisation of their data across all of these applications means that detailed customer information is always up to date and is instantly available to power their email campaigns.

Secondly, using the synchronised booking information Olympic use some clever Marketing Automation to power real-time messages like individual booking confirmations, reminders and post-holiday invitations to post a review. Once its set up the process is fully automated so their messages are always timely and relevant.

And thirdly, Olympic use’s latest Audience Insights technology to automatically gather detailed profile information on each of their customer’s unique needs and interests. Knowing their customers in this way allows them to continually refine their campaigns and deliver increasing engaging content.

Not only is it a great example of how to bring all of these technologies together it also shows that you don’t have to be a huge organisation with vast resources to achieve this this level of sophistication. It’s all completely do-able. All you need is an organised plan, the will to carry it out, and maybe just a little help from our professional services team.


So Olympic Holidays – thank you for sharing your experience. We love what you are doing!

Read the full Olympic Holidays case study here.