Mid-summer goodness : more email marketing features

2 minute read

Here’s a quick mid-summer’s update for you all. We’re pleased to announce a few enhancements are now available.

Google Analytics

Email campaigns can now (June 2009) be integrated with Google Analytics.

This means that if a campaign contains links to a web site that already uses Google Analytics, users that reach that site as a result of the tracked links in the email campaign sent through Sign-Up.to will have their actions recorded and reported. Their actions on the destination site will be reported separately, allowing you to see in detail how email campaign recipients move around your web site, and if applicable, measure any goal conversions you’ve got set up. If you’re not familiar with Google Analytics, it’s well worth a look!


A checkbox is now available on the Send Email and Schedule Split Test areas of the Sign-Up.to application (see images on this page). Other than ticking this box, the rest of the process is entirely automatic – there’s no need to enter any other details anywhere else in the system.

Split testing

We’ve now enabled our industry leading split-test feature on all accounts. Ever been unable to decide between two subject lines, or email layouts? You can now load two (or in fact, up to five) different emails into our split test tool. Our system will then test the water by sending these different versions to a few recipients, collect some result data, and then despatch the winner to the rest of the targeted list. Here’s a screen grab of the scheduling screen which should better explain some of the powerful options available:


API – email speed limiting

Please note: This API has now been replaced with our more comprehensive Permission Marketing API, documented here

Our much used email speed limiting functionality is now available in our API – see our revised documentation for more details.