New SMS Marketing tools now live!

4 minute read

SMS is the unsung hero of digital marketing. It’s a (relatively) old technology now, but as a permission marketing tool, it can be awesomely powerful. We’ve provided 2-way SMS marketing tools as part of the platform since we started way back in 2003.

We’ve just made the biggest ever update to our SMS platform and released our brand new SMS Manager system, which you’ll find in your account now under the ‘Collect’ menu. No account yet? Get one free here.

SMS Manager Tab

SMS Manager makes it incredibly simple to create 2-way SMS campaigns using our UK shortcode and international access numbers.

Yes, that’s right – your account includes full 2-way SMS capability if you’re in the UK or Australia. We give you a keyword on our shared numbers for free (and unlimited sub-keywords too). There’s no charge for using our inbound numbers, you only ever pay for SMS messages you send.


What kind of things can you do with SMS Manager? 

Here are a few example ways you can put the tools to use. The possibilities are endless though. Any campaign you set up is instantly live so it’s easy to experiment.

SMS marketing manager

You start by choosing a keyword for your account – you’ll be prompted to do this the first time you access SMS Manager. Messages sent to our numbers need to start with this word so that we know they’re for you.

After that, you can use SMS Manager to decide what to do when a message is received. You can look for additional words (sub-keywords) in the message, and trigger different actions based on these. You can even detect email addresses in the message and get your multi-channel marketing on.


Text-to-enter competitions

Set up a competition and have users text in their answer. You can text-back an offer or a link to your mobile optimised website.

For example: txt EXAMPLE followed by A B or C to 61211


Request more information

Add a prompt to your offline marketing for people to text in their email address to receive more information. You can easily set up an action to detect an email address in a message and then fire off one or more timed email responses.

Try it: txt EXAMPLE EMAIL and your email address to 61211


Build your subscriber list anywhere

Running a bar or restaurant? Add a note to your menu or table card and have guests sign up for your mailing list while they’re waiting. Incentivise them by offering an instant reward when they show the reply message.


The sending mobile number of each message you receive, and the content of the message is automatically stored in a list, ready for you to communicate with later. Yep, broadcast bulk SMS tools are also included in your account too – just use normal ‘Create’ and ‘Send’ tools and select the ‘SMS’ option.


It gets even better. We just made SMS marketing cheaper!

As if a shiny, free, new tool wasn’t enough we’ve also just lowered the costs of SMS messaging – for smaller volumes it’s now up to 50% cheaper! You can buy SMS sending credits instantly through your account.


Want to add SMS features to your own application?

We haven’t forgotten you either. You can forward on inbound SMS messages to your own application, and our SMS broadcast functionality is available through our shiny new RESTful API.