New Facebook access tokens and

2 minute read

Facebook have recently announced some technical changes that have impacted the way that interacts with their platform. A new access token system has been introduced which grants us a maximum of 60 days access to post to your pages on your behalf. This affects the Facebook part of our Share section (Twitter is unaffected), and also the Facebook posts that can be published alongside email campaigns.

We’ve introduced some updates to which we hope will minimise any disruption. The key one here is that behind the scenes we’ll attempt to auto-refresh your token to its full 60 day lifespan wherever possible. Be aware though that this can only happen if you are logged into at the same time (and in the same browser) as your integrated Facebook account. In the event that you are logged into a different Facebook account, or no Facebook account at all, the Integration page will provide all the information you need to refresh your access token manually.

To guide you as best we can with the new tokens, we’ve also introduced some new flags and warnings in your account whenever you might encounter issues (for example if you schedule an email campaign with a Facebook post to be published after your token is due to expire). We’ll also let you know when your token is close to its expiry date and we’ll prevent you from scheduling Facebook posts in Share beyond the lifespan of your token.

With a bit of luck you won’t actually notice that anything’s changed at all! However if you are having problems or would like to ask any questions, our friendly Support team will be happy to assist.

Happy Facebooking!