More free email template designs

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More free email templates now available!

Our resident email design guru Brenden has put together 7 brand new email templates which are available now in your account. These have been tested against all the major email clients so you don’t have to worry about compatibility issues, we’ve done the hard work for you. You can add your own images and tweak the designs to your heart’s content using the visual email editor, so have fun!

The new email templates are shown below, you can see the other available email templates here.

Bold Block Take-Away (Red) 

This bold template is ideal for getting the message across. This template is fully customisable that can be used for restaurants or anyone that wants to grab the attention of their audience.

Clean Elegance (Gold) 

This is our elegant restaurant template with straight lines, white space, and plenty of content sections. Menu items, images, and content can all be customised.

…Proudly Presents 

Finally a template for the club promoters out there. With this template you can use insert your club flyers and wrap them in a customisable template. With social network icons and bottom content sections you will miss your target audience no more.

Pink Grunge 

This is our new high contrast club template. Simply insert your company name, content and images and your ready to go. This template includes side tabs for direct links to your site or email.

Clean Modern Postcard 

Want a simple template to get your message across without sacrificing presence? Then this template is for you.


You get them on the Tube, why not in your inbox too? Our new Newspaper style template is a great alternative way to get your newsletter out. This template is made up almost entirely of editable text sections so you can customise it completely.

Estate Agent – Model Home  

Our first template just for estate agents. Here you can add your company name, title sections and then insert your property information into the pre-defined sections for ‘Sale’ or ‘Rent’. If you need more simply highlight a property section then copy and paste below.