Marketing in a downturn

3 minute read

You can’t turn on the TV or pick up a paper at the moment without reading tales of economic doom and gloom, but what does this mean for marketeers?

The good news is that whilst things may be getting a a little tight for many businesses, it’s times like these where by making good use of Permission Marketing you can position your business for real, sustainable growth – or at the very least to weather the storm well!

Email is already by far the most cost effective medium for reaching out to your customers and prospects so the key is to leverage this as effectively as you can.

  • Make sure your email campaigns are RARE – Relevant, Anticipated, Readable, Engaging (for more content tips see
  • Email your existing customers to gather feedback on the services you’re providing them. Keep the questions short and simple (no one likes filling in big forms!) and use this information to make sure they’re delighted and will keep coming back for more. It’s always far cheaper to retain a customer than acquire a new one.
  • Encourage your happy customers to recommend other people to you. You could send them an email voucher they can forward on or some useful tips that they’ll want to share. Nothing promotes like a personal recommendation. You could offer a discount or gift as a reward – even just a simple thank you can work wonders!
  • Make sure you use every opportunity to encourage people to opt-in to your mailing lists and then make sure you follow up quickly – setting up an email responder for new subscribers ensures they’re not waiting too long before hearing from you, and it’s a great way to offer added value (and encourage more sales!) through extra content or special offers.
  • If you’re finding your email marketing isn’t as effective as it could be then you need to take a good hard look at the quality of your data and the emails that you’re sending (see our Permission Marketing Tips for help with this.) Feel free to get in touch if you’d like us to give you a free audit.