Managing your data just got easier

5 minute read

The Collect section of the platform is where you grow and manage your subscribers. We’ve been working on some improvements to Collect so if you’ve logged in to your account over the last few days you’ll have noticed a few changes. Some of the developments bring new functionality to the way you manage your subscribers. Others just make familiar features that bit easier to use.

Here are just a few of the new Collect features you’ll find. Click Collect and then Lists and you’ll see the enhancements.

Collect - lists-1

• An improved interface for managing your lists and folders
The first thing you’ll probably notice is the way that your lists and folders are displayed. It’s now really quick and easy to scroll through your folder indexing. As well as the folders themselves you’ll also see a summary of the included lists and number of subscribers. Click on any of folders and you’ll see the same handy information for all of the included lists. Click on a list and it will expand to show you the subscribers. Click on ‘details’ and you’ll see each individual subscriber. Simple, intuitive. The display has infinite scrolling so however many folders and lists you have it’s easy to find what you are looking for.

You’ll also see each subscriber’s current engagement rating and have direct access to edit and delete options. Adding, importing and exporting subscribers works in the same way as usual but you’ll see a new layout and all of your subscriber profile fields displayed. You’ll find the Add, Import and Export options at the bottom of the display screen.


• Descriptive fields to add your own custom notes
You can now eliminate the guesswork (or searching your notes somewhere else) by adding documentation notes to each list that you create. Whenever you add a new list you’ll see the new ‘notes’ section in the list options. It’s not rocket science but sometimes it’s the simple things that make life better.


• Manage your subscriber profiles in an easy layout
Clicking on the edit option for any subscriber will take you to a new simplified profile layout. Here you’ll find all off your stored subscriber profile fields in an easy to read, scrollable page. Viewing and updating your each field is just click, type and save. Done.

• Create your opt-in messages in our new editor
When a list is created or modified, there is the option to add a custom opt-in email. Clicking this will open a message picker dialogue where you’ll be able to select an email campaign. Connect your email campaigns with the opt-in activation link and save as a custom opt-in type campaign for it to appear to appear on this list. You also have the option to create a new opt-in campaign in the new editor.

• Quickly query all your lists and campaign history
It’s good to have information at your fingertips so it’s now easier to search through subscribers using the various core profile fields. Three selection boxes allow you to query by core field (for example email, first name, surname etc) search by text string and then filter by list using simple include/exclude tick boxes. The functionality is largely the same as before – but it’s quicker and easier.


By the way, any time you view your subscribers (for example directly from the ‘Subscribers’ menu) you’ll also see the additional engagement information. Finally click on a subscriber and you’ll see three additional tabs showing details of which of your lists they’re subscribed to, recent contacts made and their bounce history.

There’s a host of other tweaks. I’ll leave you to explore.