Making the most of sponsoring events

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Way back in June, you might remember we sponsored the 9th leg of the Tour Series, a high-profile cycling event that comes to Woking every year and generates lots of excitement throughout the town. For us, it’s something of a big deal because the track actually surrounds our office such that we can’t escape it even if we wanted to! So to make the most of this opportunity, we got a little more involved this year and put ourselves forward as one of the local sponsors.

In itself, being a local sponsor doesn’t cost much, but similarly doesn’t generate a huge amount of awareness without some creativity! In this post, I wanted to break down the action we took to make the most of the opportunity.

1. Featured in the event programme and on the website


Our presence wasn’t exactly ‘in-your-face’ in the event guide, but it was circulated to the thousands of event attendees including a large number of local business owners. It’s safe to assume this wasn’t going to be enough to make the most of the event, so we had a bit of work to do. Luckily, the Cycle Woking people had their act together with the online stuff, so we also got a little feature on their website too. It’s all good exposure!

2. Gave out water bottles

water_bottles_cropped2Each sponsor got to add a little something to a party pack for each of the race participants to take away with them. We opted for some neat water bottles which were brightly coloured and fitted into any average bicycle water bottle holder. This would help grab attention from participants on the day and provide a way of getting our branding into people’s lives in the future.


3. Attended the event

During the event, I went out and about taking photos, chatting to a few spectators and finding out about their involvement on the day. Included in our sponsorship package though was access to the VIP Spectators’ area and the Hospitality area. As you can imagine, all the other sponsors and interested local businesses were in these areas too, so this provided a great opportunity for us to get out and meet some new prospects and useful contacts. As always at events, when you’ve got people on the ground, it’s important to ensure they’re recognisably associated with your brand. That way people can make a point of coming and talking to them if they’re interested, and to create some extra exposure to your branding! At we love meeting people, it’s one of the quickest ways to kick-start some great relationship building.

4. Plastered our branding around the place

Office blocks are rarely a sight to be seen. Ours is no different, but we like to think our branding makes for a nice way to brighten up the place. As mentioned, our office is right in the middle of the track, so we figured, why not take advantage of that? That’s why we got some of our most recognisable icon images printed up onto window stickers and decorated our office with them. As you’ll see below, these were fairly obvious from outside the building, and might even have been caught on camera for some sneaky TV coverage!

001-edited 003-edited tour series 2013 006

5. Shouted about it on social media and the blog

A great social media strategy can only work if you have some great content to fill it with. Being able to talk about what we’re up to in the office is something we do to help give our readers more insight into who we are as a company and what we’re up to. The Tour Series sponsorship was a great exercise to help us do that, but there are others too. Take a look at one of our latest examples, where you can find out all about the Support team who’re the people taking your calls every day.

Generating awareness and building relationships can be some of the hardest goals to measure success on. It’s certainly something that takes a bit of work, but the pay-off grows exponentially the more you put into it. Just ask our Sales team!