Introducing our “how to” guides

1 minute read

We’re pleased to announce the launch of “How to”, a new help guide containing over 40 ‘how to’ guides and videos designed to help you get the most from your marketing with

In “How to” you’ll find step by step guides to everyday tasks you’ll undertake within your account, from inserting a link into your email campaign, organising your data and scheduling a campaign, through to creating SMS text-in campaigns.

We think that you’ll find “How to” really useful. Each guide is available as a video and a written tutorial broken down into stages (including images of  every step of the task).  You can comment on our guides, so if you find anything useful or have any questions, you can easily share your thoughts!

We’ll be continually developing “How to” and adding new guides and videos. If you have any feedback or thoughts on future guides please let us know in the comments box below!