Introducing our brand new Permission Marketing API

4 minute read

Permission Marketing API

The more eagle-eyed among you may have figured out that we’ve been working on something pretty big over the last few months here at HQ. Well the time has finally come for us to introduce our brand new Permission Marketing API and we’re very happy to announce that it’s now ready for all you developer types out there to get stuck in and give it a whirl!

The Permission Marketing API is a brand new, custom-built, RESTful API for managing every aspect of your permission marketing. We’re still in beta, but with a comprehensive array of functionality, a variety of authorisation methods and some cracking documentation, we thought it high time that we opened the doors for developers to get on-board and see what they get up to with the new tools.

From collecting and managing subscriber data, through creating and sending email and SMS campaigns, to analysing your results, we’ve got all areas of the permission marketing cycle covered with the Permission Marketing API. To get you off to great start we’ve put together some guides, examples and client libraries, as well as our full range of detailed endpoint documentation, all on our brand new dedicated developer site – Keep an eye on the release log and @SignUpDev Twitter account to stay up to speed with our development and any breaking changes. We’re still busy working on the Permission Marketing API and you’ll see us enhance the functionality very regularly!

The tools on offer open up a whole world of opportunity for developers. For example you might want build a bespoke form, integrate with an external CRM system, or create an email campaign elsewhere and just submit the HTML to for sending. You could also add bulk email or SMS sending capabilities to your own applications, or even utilise your subscriber and campaign performance data for reporting in other systems. There are many, many directions you could travel in with the Permission Marketing API. Many more than I’ve listed here, hence our excitement.

But wait – doesn’t already have an API?

It’s true, we do, but it’s been due an overhaul for a good long while. The Permission Marketing API is all-new and standards compliant, it’s also more comprehensive, flexible and scalable than our older offering. We’re confident it’s now quicker and easier than ever for you to integrate your application with and make great use of our powerful and varied technology. The legacy API will continue to be available for the time being, however there will come a point in the future where we discontinue it. So even as an existing integrator we’d encourage you to check out the new Permission Marketing API and see how you can make your integrations even better.

So what are you waiting for? We can’t wait to see what kinds of things people build with the Permission Marketing API, so please do get in touch if you’ve starting working with it and let us know how you’re getting on. We’d also love to hear your feedback and comments on the API and in general, so drop us an email or let us know your thoughts below.