Integrating with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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A really slick Microsoft Dynamics CRM integration is going to be great news for many customers. We’ve teamed up with expert Partner, Microsoft Certified Professionals and all round Microsoft gurus C2 Software to provide just that.

C2 software


Why Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

Dynamics CRM, Microsoft’s Customer Relationship Management has been growing above the industry average for several years and is now firmly established in the ‘leaders’ quadrant of CRM classification. Apart from the native Windows environment and its obvious synergy with other Microsoft applications, part of its appeal is the out of the box usability of its various versions.

Why integrate?

As an email marketer integration is simply one of the most valuable actions you can take. Essentially it allows your marketing activity to communicate with your other data applications (not just your CRM, but a whole variety of eCommerce, reservation, review and other systems). It means your data is automatically synchronised across all of your business functions, delivering numerous benefits in terms of efficiency, consistency and productivity – by the way you can find more integrations on our website and more discussion on the general benefits of integration in our blog.

How does the MS Dynamics CRM integration work?

The Microsoft Dynamics integration is available through a custom development of C2 Software’s own Dynamics CRM implementation. Although there is an entry level self-service solution, serious users with databases greater than 5,000 contacts will want the fully hosted C2 solution. In addition to all of the integration features this also includes direct first-level support from the C2 Software experts and access to a range of other Microsoft customisation and consultancy services. If you don’t already have one you’ll also need a user account too – of course.

C2’s implementation provides a full synchronisation of email campaigns and MS Dynamics CRM data. It allows you to manage your email recipient data and synchronise your post-campaign results all directly from within the MS Dynamics CRM environment. Your email campaigns have real time access to your CRM contacts, leads and accounts and your campaign interaction results progressively build on the intelligence associated with each record.

The first step is to set up segmented marketing lists to define your campaign audience. Both static and dynamic lists can be easily created – dynamic lists allow contact data to be added (or removed) dynamically according to pre-set inclusion rules.


All you need to do is select the required filtering criteria – you can also use and/or type logic to further refine which records are included as audience members. Once in place your lists are then ready to be synchronised – this makes them available to be used with your email campaigns.


Your email campaigns are created in the normal way using the easy to use creation tools. Once checked and saved your campaigns (either individually or collectively) are then re-synchronised with the recipient data ready for sending. This sends the underlying HTML and all of the other campaign assets such as title, subject, from-name etc. back to the CRM environment. All of the synchronisation happens automatically via a designated MS Dynamics workflow.


On successful completion campaign results are automatically returned to Dynamics CRM as an Email Marketing Activity. This allows you to track and manage your recipients’ interactions with the campaign. Results can be viewed from within the campaign history and are also tracked on the individual contact records of the contact, lead or account. Results synchronisation is automatically processed every 4 hours for the first 24 hours and twice more over the next 48 hour period. A manual synchronisation is also possible if required.


For more complex processes the integration also provides the framework for marketing automation, with’s email marketing functionality being fully available from Dynamics CRM workflows.

How do I get it?

The MS Dynamics CRM / integration is available directly from the folks at C2 Software. They’ll be happy to show you how it works and discuss how to best implement and support it for your business.