Improved import manager

2 minute read

We have made a few changes to the import process recently, so I’d like to explain these and outline the benefits.

Large import checks

You may find that your imports are no longer processed immediately; larger imports are held and inspected by a member of staff before they are processed. The import tool is designed to allow new customers to join our service with existing confirmed opt-in lists, and for synchronization with other CRM systems.

Unfortunately we have had instances where clients have used this system to upload lists that obviously aren’t confirmed opt-in, despite the compulsory warning and agreement steps. These include bought lists (NO!) and exports from Outlook that contain every email address ever contacted (NO!). Crazy things, that always lead to trouble.

We understand that this could be viewed as a regressive step but it is essential for us to cooperate with our ISPs and their requirements to prevent our good clients (like you!) from having delivery problems. Any queued imports are checked quickly during the working day, and at regular intervals out of hours, so as long as you’ve got a genuine list, you should never need to wait long before your data is added to your account. We will look at automating this in the future.

Field heading assistance

Ever uploaded a CSV file only to be a bit baffled by our field heading rules? Especially if you’ve got your own custom fields we are aware that this has been a little clumsy, but hopefully no more. Now, if we don’t recognise one of your headers, we will highlight it in red and allow you to chose from a list of suggested, allowed headers.


Crucially, there’s also an option to ignore any fields that you don’t actually want added to your account.