Importing Subscribers – Enhancements

2 minute read

As a result of feedback both directly from you, our customers, and from our ever enthusiastic support chaps, I’ve revised the ‘Import Subscribers’ tool over the last week in order to make it more flexible and easier to use.

The first alteration of note has come from our legal eagles who have suggested we seek confirmation that every upload only contains data that our customers have permission to use. We now also automatically filter recipients such as ‘abuse@’ and ‘postmaster@’ from your lists – yes, some clients were uploading these and getting themselves into all sorts of bother!

But now let’s get to the good stuff! We’ve been aware for a while that it’s a bit of a pain to have to convert your Excel documents to CSV files, so I hope you’ll be delighted to hear that you no longer have to: the new import section will accept Excel (.xls) documents, from versions of Excel in Office ’97 right up to date.

I’ll confess though that we’ve been unable to get any Excel documents that we’ve created on a Mac to be accepted; there’s just something about them, but rest assured we’ll have that sorted as soon as we can. There is some good news for Mac users, the new import section does handle Mac CSVs fluently, so no need to go bothering your PC based colleagues for those any more.

Finally, if we don’t recognise some of the headers in your file, we’ve now integrated a confirmation stage. We’ll show you the headers you’ve uploaded, highlighting those that we don’t recognise, along with a list of all headers that you’re allowed. You can then amend the headers on-screen without having to alter or re-upload your local file.

I hope you’ll find these improvements useful and easy to use. As always at, we’re delighted to hear your comments, so if you’ve got any please do let me know.