I don’t love you, but I like you a lot

3 minute read

The trouble with engagement is that it’s difficult to quantify.

Mathematically quantifying the depth of your relationship may not be important for your wife/husband/partner/dog (they just know, right?), but for your business you’ll probably want to be a bit more objective when it comes to understanding how close you really are to your customers.


Traditional email performance statistics like opens and clicks give useful campaign-based feedback but to get anything more than a basic engagement metric you need to measure a number of different factors and over a prolonged period of time. And when you have a measure, what do you do with that information? But with the right approach, and the right tools engagement can not only be measured, but managed and exploited.

Yesterday I had the pleasure to present on the subject of engagement to the Digital Marketing Show conference audience. I chose the rather snappy (I thought so?) presentation title ‘How engaged are your customers, how do you know, and why should you care.’

To cut a long story (about 40 minutes) short, my presentation introduced the concept of engagement, specifically in terms of email campaign interaction, described typical engagement and disengagement characteristics and outlined an algorithm which sets out to quantifiably measure the contributing factors. I concluded with examples of engagement profiles and how email marketers have used this intelligence to more accurately target their subscribers. And, finally, why is any of this important? How can you use this to improve your marketing decisions and what effect does engagement have on key business challenges like revenue, retention and brand advocacy?

It’s a lot to say, and probably take in, in just 40 minutes! If you were there in the audience, thank you for coming.

If not, and you are interested to hear more, drop me an email (tony@sign-up.to) and I’ll be pleased to send you a copy of my slides. You can also find out more on engagement on the Audience Profiling section our website, or call one of our team – it’s one of the super-star features of the Sign-Up.to platform and we’d love to tell you more.