How’s your industry doing?

1 minute read

statsHave you ever wondered how your email campaign results compare to other users? If you choose your industry sector (the selection box is on your home dashboard page, as soon as you log in), you can see your average statistics, and how they compare to other users also in your sector.

I’ve chosen our most successful account in the most successful sector for the screen grab to the right. An open rate of over 50% is absolutely outstanding, most sectors are in the 15%-30% bracket. Don’t forget that the open rate value is pessimistic. We use a tiny tracking image or tracked links to register an email being opened, but as most email programs such as Outlook won’t load images by default, the open rate figure we display is an absolutely worst case scenario figure.

It is also interesting to monitor clickthrough and unsubscription rates too – best make sure your recipients are making positive not negative noises!