Focus on: Goal Tracking

2 minute read

I must apologise for the seemingly non-stop torrent of Christmas related material on here; it does at least make a change from the discussion of VAT rates and apparent national financial armageddon. Despite this I must continue, and potentially join the two: the ability to track your subscribers actions as a result of your campaign is perhaps now more important than ever.

So you’ve prepared your Christmas missive in accordance with our 12 Christmas rules of permission marketing, and you’re about to send your campaign. But what happens next – do you sit back and hope that it boosts your sales? If sales go up, was it due to your campaign? If not, was the campaign okay?

Possibly not the most stimulating of questions, but the answers are nevertheless important, and we hope can answer them smartly. If you’ve got an e-commerce site this really is something you can’t miss out on: simply switch on Goal Tracking by giving us a call, stuff a tiny transparent image on your purchase complete page and straight away you can see the revenue generated by each link in your campaign. Study these results and you’ll soon figure out where to place your links within your campaigns and what text attracts those clickers who spend.

If your site acts as a portal to a variety of external sites a simple change to your links within your site allows Goal Tracking to tell you which links in your email campaign generates traffic to which external site through your portal.

Even if you’re linking to the most basic of sites from your campaign, you can still use Goal Tracking to measure the effect of your campaign on triggering key goals, such as PDF downloads, quiz wins or multi-page article reads. More questions? Get in touch with our support team to find out how can work harder for you this Christmas.