Fixing emails just got fun! Introducing Mally…

2 minute read

If you’ve spent any time working on your own email designs you’ll know that designing email campaigns that work across the huge variation of email clients that are out there can be a little… challenging.

That’s why we spent the last 12 months building our Campaign Designer tools, which make creating template based email campaigns a doddle.

We always knew that for some people a template based system just wouldn’t cut it though – the customisation possibilities that  come from being able to craft your own HTML code are just too appealing.

So we wondered what we could do to make this process a little more pleasant for email coders everywhere. How could we make building email campaigns less frustrating and a little more fun?

Introducing Mally

Mally is our in-house email robot. All he does all day is look at email code and fix issues that he finds in it. We had to use a robot because too much looking at email code drives humans nuts, and they expect silly things like sleep and food.

From inlining CSS styles, to removing embed tags and fixing styles that will break certain email clients, Mally is a pretty smart character.

All you have to do is paste in your HTML code and press a button. Mally will give you a full report of any issues he finds, give you the option for him to fix the issues automatically where he can and let you know where you need to fix issues yourself. You can then export your fixed code ready to use in the email system of your choice.

Mally is completely free and you don’t need a account to use him. Simply visit Mally here and paste in your code (or try out our demo) to see for yourself.

Mally is still in beta and learning constantly, so things may not always be perfect and he still has a few tricks to master, but we hope you like him!