Five cool things you can do with the form builder

4 minute read

Email marketing works best when you send content that is tailored to the interests of your subscribers. One of the keys to this kind of precise targeting is data segmentation through highly customised data capture. The new form building tool is available in all accounts and makes creating data capture forms quick and easy. We thought we’d put together a short guide showcasing some of the handy features you can use to ensure your forms gather exactly the data you need.

1. Drag and drop the layout of your form. The functionality that makes our Campaign Designer so flexible has been brought to forms. Arrange your form layout by dragging and dropping images, headings, and paragraph text as well as the data collection fields. It’s so quick and easy, you can change and perfect your form right up to the last minute before it’s published. If you later decide you need to ask another question, it’s simple to come back and edit your form.

2. Style your form. We’ve given you control over the colours, fonts and text sizes of your forms. Either style your form from scratch or quickly customise one of our themes to match your brand.

3. Let your subscribers do the leg work. Connect your form to multiple lists to give subscribers the option to add themselves to other lists. Use these lists for better targeting – for example, you could let your subscribers decide how frequently they want to receive emails or which of your products or services they want to hear about.

4. Add your form to your website. We’ve made it really simple to capitalise on the traffic through your website by providing the code to allow you to iframe your form into your website. All you have to do is customise the size of the frame and insert it into your website’s HTML. If web development really isn’t your bag, you can just link to the form itself, or even add it to your company Facebook page.

5. Gather extra data after subscription. The confirmed opt-in process verifies that the email address is correct by requiring the subscriber to click a link in a customisable opt-in email to confirm their subscription. This ensures you don’t waste your money and negatively distort your metrics by sending to invalid addresses.

With our new form builder, you can keep your initial forms really quick and easy to maximise responses. Simply follow up later to find out more by creating survey forms and choosing to skip the confirmed opt-in process for existing subscribers. Collect new information about subscribers and use the results to send tailored content to them with subscriber profile field filtering.

Using our form builder, you can attract new subscribers with quick and easy subscription forms. Follow up with longer, survey style forms to collect the information you need to add identity to existing subscribers. Then tailor your content with triggered emails and further segment your subscribers based on their interactions using our powerful Marketing Automation tools.

We hope you like our new form builder and can’t wait to see how you use beautiful forms to better target your subscribers! If you have any questions about using the tools, you can leave a comment below or contact our friendly Support team.