Exporting Data – Enhancements

2 minute read

Again exercising the important feedback loop from our clients and support team to the technical den, we’ve given the export section of the Sign-Up.to system a good service. Generating hundreds of thousands of results, particularly for our larger clients with more feature rich accounts, does require a substantial amount of computational horsepower, so the focus of our work has been to make the export procedure less painful for both our clients, and our hard working servers.

A good deal of our upgrades are behind the scenes efficiency enhancements, combining new technology with trend analysis to improve performance. More apparent though will be the new ‘Export History’ section, and the background build process. Once you’ve requested your export, the Sign-Up.to system will build it behind the scenes, leaving you to carry on with your busy day. You can monitor your export’s progress on your Sign-Up.to Home Page, and the system will drop you an email once it is ready.

Furthermore, you will be able to view all your exports in the new ‘Export History’ section (which can be found in the ‘Send’ main section). This means that you’ll be able to recover any exports that you may have downloaded or lost, that you can more easily compare today’s exports with future exports, and the more technically minded could even request an export from their mobile web browser, and then download it when they’re back in the office.

Neil Mukerji
Technical Manager
e: neil@sign-up.to
Neil Mukerji