Excluding Recent Recipients

1 minute read

We can all relate to being annoyed upon receiving the same message twice, and the key to marketing is to avoid annoying your audience. Unless you’re advertising the Vauxhall Zafira it seems, but I digress!

Recently we’ve had a few clients asking if there is a neat way of making sure they don’t swamp their recipients with messages. This may seem easy with only one or two recipient lists, but if you’ve got a handful of categories with say ten lists in each, it’s entirely feasible that you could unknowingly be sending to a few of your subscribers more often than both you and they would like. So we’ve released an extension within the ‘Send’ section that optionally will restrict delivery to those recipients who’ve been contacted within a recent period.

Any choices you make here will be reflected in the ‘Track’ section.

It’s worth stressing here that the exclude filter will apply at the time the message is sent, rather than when the message is scheduled. So for instance, if a message is scheduled to be sent tomorrow, then any campaigns that are sent between now and then will be taken into account when the exclude filter runs.

We hope this feature will be of use. As ever, we’d love to hear any feedback or future requests, so don’t hesitate to contact us: support@sign-up.to