Email split-testing – feature update

1 minute read

We’ve just released an update to our email split-testing feature. We’ve always offered the option to automatically select the wining variant of a campaign based on opens or clicks and send that out to the remaining subscribers who didn’t receive the test.

We’ve now taken things a step further and if you have goal tracking enabled on your account you can use the value of these goals to select the winning campaign.

Goals can be either a counter (for example number of vouchers downloaded) or a monetary value (for example value of e-commerce sales generated from the email) and are recorded using a small snippet of code inserted on your website.

This means that you can now identify your best performing campaign based on a real measure of return on investment, rather than just an inferred value, making your results more accurate than ever before.

If you don’t currently have goal tracking enabled on your account get in touch to find out how it could help you get more return from your email marketing campaigns.

Email split testing interface