Email Results – How Effective Are Your Links?

1 minute read

We’ve just launched a new view to allow you to see how effective your campaign links are. In the main campaign results page, there’s a new link to allow you to view your email campaign with link data for the links overlaid.

Statistics Page

Just click the new link and we’ll open a copy of your campaign up in a new window for you to examine.


Clicking on any one of the floating graphs will present more detail on the link.


And if you’re after email more details on who has clicked what, just click the numbers on the results. From here, you’re even able to take, say, all those who clicked on a link, and easily move them into a new list.


We hope this will help to show how effect your email campaigns are. As ever, if you’d like to talk about this or any other feature more, just give our friend support team a call.