Email Marketing Blog Roundup: Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten

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The first proto-post I wrote for this series (which was only posted to our internal company blog) was titled “Four Fives”, and included a list of links to posts giving five “top tips” on a range of different subjects related to email marketing. In the same vein, I present this week a similar series of series:

(Also, Joanna, I love the intro “Let the Wild Rompus Begin!” – great stuff!)

Interesting — and good — to note one common theme amongst nearly all of the posts above: the most important point, ah, pointed out, is that you need permission to properly engage in email marketing. Shortcuts like buying lists just don’t work.

Couple of special mentions this week, firstly to the wrap-up of Mark Brownlow‘s excellent five part series of posts on the Future of Deliverability. There are actually six parts, as he’s also put up a list of 192 deliverability resources. Nicely done.

Secondly, I wanted to link to author steve (not sure about what the proper capitalisation should be here!) of Word to the Wise fame on his two posts on ICANN’s recent announcement about support for proper domain name Internationalisation (part 2 is here). The posts do an excellent job of explaining the subject and how it relates to email marketing. Again, great stuff – cheers steve!

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