Email editing the new way. Part 3 – adding your content

4 minute read

Lastly – as promised here’s the third of three blog posts about our new email editor – how to add text and images to your layout. The good news again is there’s not too much to say. As with the other features we’ve designed this section to be as simple and intuitive as possible – powerful doesn’t have to be complicated.



So you’ve used components to structure your layout and you’ve set your global and individual section styles using themes. Now time to add your contact. Click into one of the components sections. You’ll notice that each offers the option to add either text or graphics.

To add text, click the text icon (I told you it was simple!) and then click the highlighted ‘Lorem Ipsum’ text section. You can now add your text in the input panel on the right hands side. If you’re cutting/pasting text from a website or other document the great news is that you no longer have to strip any formatting before adding it here. It’s all taken care of. You can also see your text building in the preview area on the left hand side. If you are applying any formatting like colours, fonts or sizes they’ll appear here too – you’ll find al of the normal formatting options at the bottom. You can control these with your ‘theme’ as well. When you’re ready, click apply and it’s done. A neat short cut is to use things like heading shortcuts – typing ## then your text here will automatically convert ‘your text here’ into a level 2 heading.

To add images go back to a component and click the images icon. Click the Images menu icon and your image library will now appear on the right hand side. You can add new images or just drag and drop them into the library. From your library click the selected image (you can also add links and alt-text) and drag it into place in your component block. While it’s certainly not Photoshop there are some neat image editing tools too – so you can manipulate the size, and cropping before you drop it into place. Sizing and optimisation is taken care of – one less thing to worry about.


When you’re done (actually at any time) there’s one more menu icon to check out. Click the ‘preview’ icon and you’ll be able to see how your email will appear when viewed on a range of desktop and mobile devices, in both landscape and portrait orientation. That’s the responsive design bit doing it’s stuff behind the scenes.


Ah yes, there’s no need anymore to create a plain text version when you save and exit. Plain text is needed, always, so we’ve done that behind the scenes for you too.

That’s the quick tour – components, themes , text, images and previewing. There’s a quick reference list of some of the key features below – but jump in and use it, and let us know what you think.

– A brand new range of flexible template layouts (all responsive!)
– In-browser previewing of rendering for different screen sizes
– Multiple levels of undo and redo
– Offline saving! No more lost work if your connection drops
– Flexible spacer elements, separators and line-height control for more design freedom
– Apply themes to individual components or the whole campaign