Email editing the new way. Part 2 – welcome to ‘themes’

3 minute read

Here’s the second of 3 blog posts which explore some of the key features of the brand new email editor. New concept number 2 is ‘themes’.

I know that your style is precious to you – it’s what makes your brand yours. It’s your signature. Now that you’ve used components to set out the structure of your campaign it’s time to nail down your style and to do this you’ll need to get to grips with ‘themes’.



Themes is another new creation concept which is designed to help you be efficient and consistent. You can select a default theme, but most will want to customise things like background and section colours, text styles and colours, headings and links.

When inside the editor click the themes tab on the right hand side. Up pops the theme section showing you the global styles – this is where you can set the overriding style of your whole campaign. Make sure you don’t have one of the component blocks selected, otherwise you’ll just see the theme for that block (we’ll come to that in a moment). If you need inspiration there are a few pre-set themes (feel free to go for ‘fruity’ if that’s your thing), but you’ll probably want to create your own.

Scroll down and you’ll see the various aspects of your design that your theme controls – things like background colour, paragraph, heading and link styles. It’s all pretty straight forward. Apply the settings you want, save your theme and then each time you use these items the appropriate style will automatically be applied. No more worries about font consistency – it’s all done for you.


As I alluded to earlier you can also set individual themes for specific component blocks. This is really useful for applying specific styles to things like header and footer content, or for just mixing up your style a little. The principle is the same. Set the style for each item and it’s done. Any component not specifically styled will automatically pick up the default theme for your campaign.

Although there are quite a few styling options it’s probably worth mentioning that it’s not intended to have infinite possibilities. The emphasis is much more on creating enough simple to apply options which will ensure great looking consistent design – after all that’s what your email campaigns should be striving for.

The final feature in this series of blog posts is content – how to add text and graphics. Sticking with our ‘it doesn’t have to be complicated to be great’ philosophy you’ll see that this is really simple too but there are a few really nice features that I want to show you. See you again soon.

Oh – don’t forget the webinar – there’s still time to join.