Easy Unsubscription in Windows Live (Hotmail)

2 minute read

Microsoft are one of the first major email providers to implement a fantastic standard for bulk email which permits direct and easy unsubscription from within their email site. (For the geeks amongst you, the ‘standard’ in question is described in detail here). From now on, emails sent via Sign-Up.to to Windows Live (and any other email domains who implement this standard already, and in the future), are handled in such a manner that the recipient can easy unsubscribe from their tool bar. Here’s an example screenshot:

The drive behind this is that ordinarily lazy recipients are more likely to click the ‘Junk’ button than unsubscribe, giving both our clients and us a little black mark against our name. This way a recipient who wishes to unsubscribe is more likely to realise that they’re on an email list, and are more likely to trust their ISP’s unsubscribe button than a normal link.

This is a win-win situation for everyone, although we’ve noticed that Windows Live only show this button if the recipient has already added the sender to their ‘safe senders’ list, which might reduce its value for new subscribers. However, this is bound to prove useful to clients who don’t send too often, who might otherwise suffer from recipients forgetting that they subscribed.

In any case, all this is now installed in your account. You don’t need to change anything or lift a finger – we’ve done all the work for you.