Don’t forget the dashboard!

3 minute read

The dashboard is the first page you’ll see when you first log into your account, and provides you and your business with a wide range of information. Therefore, it’s important to remember how useful the dashboard is for your permission marketing journey.

The first feature to highlight is the industry functionality. By setting your industry you can quickly compare your email statistics (in the average email statistics box) with other businesses that are in your industry. Therefore, if you’re below the average statistics this allows you to rethink your emailing strategy and work more closely to boost the figures.

On the dashboard, we’ve provided a tool so you can quickly see if there are any new blog posts. Our blog section allows you to learn about new features we’ve added, company news and interesting news articles.

Two of the most useful functions on the dashboard are the ‘your data’ and ‘usage’ sections. These boxes are perfect if you want some quick statistics about your account. It allows you to view the total number of subscribers and suspended subscribers as well as providing information about how many emails and SMS messages were sent during the past month.

The subscriber’s box, as well as showing important data, also provides you with a visual of the growth of your subscriber base over the past 30 days. The quick statistics functionality provides you with data on how many new subscribers you’ve gained in the past day, week and month.

If you’re using your account to send SMS messages to your customers, the SMS box will show you with how many SMS credits you have, as well as providing you with a link to buy more. You can also see and change your SMS keyword and see how many SMS messages you’ve received from your subscribers today.

Under the scheduled campaigns you can see the emails you’ve planned to send as well as any imports or exports in progress. Once you’ve exported your data, you can save the information on your computer. Also, this section allows you to see an overview of your recent campaigns, so you can see how many it was sent to as well as the open and click through rate.

To summarise, the dashboard is a pivotal part of your experience and provides you with a quick snapshot of your account. It’s a good way of assessing how your account is performing and can provide your business with lots of useful information.